Tax Audits

  1. The Dreaded IRS Audit – Some IRS audits actually are not as bad as others!  There are what is called “correspondence audits,” which typically deal with a few items on your tax return, and often we can advise you how to best handle it yourself.  There are also “Limited Scope” Audits done in an IRS local office or “Field Audits” typically performed in your office or business. If you engage our firm to represent you, we try to first limit the scope of an IRS audit and then use our experience to most efficiently “close the audit” with the best possible outcome.  Our fees are quite reasonable and we obviously take the stress of dealing with the IRS yourself  “out of the equation.” Call us to discuss your case.
  2. Sales Tax/BOE Audits – Our firm is unique in that in addition to IRS and EDD audits we also represent clients with State of California Sales Tax (BOE) audits. We represent clients both through the audit process and those that have already been through an audit but need us to “Appeal the Decision.”  We also can work out favorable payment plans,  Offer in Compromises (if applicable) or sometimes suggest clients use the Bankruptcy Courts to discharge sales tax debt and refer you out to bankruptcy attorneys if requested.
  3. EDD/Payroll Audits –   Did you know you do not need a lawyer to help you with state EDD or IRS Payroll Audits? In fact,  for typically lower fees than attorneys,  CPA’s like ourselves can represent you effectively and we like to think “just as well” as our attorney friends.  Most EDD audits deal with which employees are considered 1099 contractors vs. employees, an area we are particularly versed in.  Regardless, give us call to discuss your particular case.