IRS Notice and Liens

Don’t you hate the IRS Notices that arrive in the mail? Do you open them, or do you throw them away (or just file them in a drawer)? The IRS is actually too overworked to knock on your door, and few people go to jail for IRS problems, so you don’t have to worry about that. But a notice of a pending IRS audit can be pretty scary. Also, the IRS can still be pretty nasty, liens can be filed against property, bank accounts can be tapped and your wages can be garnished. Call us before these things happen and we can resolve your tax problem quickly and at a fair price. If the IRS has already garnished your wages or put a lien on your bank account or property, we can quickly get the garnishment removed. We will put your account in a “suspended” status while we work out the details of resolving your issues. Really, it’s that easy. Just give Mark Cummins, CPA a call.